May 10, 2021

Tsunami photos

I guess the thing that has made the greatest impact on me today has to be the tsunami photos that were recently discovered. To catch you up, this couple was vacationing in the area over the Christmas holiday. They were calling home every day. In one picture, it shows them embracing.

Following the pictures chronologically, the next one shows some people running and playing on the beach with the tsunami wave in the background. The next picture shows no land, just water– that was the last picture.

The couple’s wrecked camera was found by a missionary with ABWE on the beach. The camera was unusable, but the memory card was not. When they plugged it into a PDA, they saw the pictures and tried to find the family.

They later reunited the only record of what happened to their parents with the children, which provided a sense of closure, as well as some interesting footage.

I find it amazing that someone would have taken that last picture, but the person who found the camera said that there was no where that they could have fled to, and by the time the water was at that point, they would have known that they were not going to make it.

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