June 17, 2021

Flickering Light

Natural Light‘Frenzy’s post was a good one yesterday talking about how people that we agree with politically we may not always agree with in the case of religion. My comment to him was that we have to take the criticism, and if it’s applicable we have to adjust. If not, we can let it roll of our backs.

Ellen Ratner’s piece Waffling Towards Gomorrah claims that the President hasn’t totally been firm on his resolve for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. This is understandable. The support in the congress is limited, the states are doing a good job changing their constitutions to fix the problem, and the DOMA (Defence of Marriage Act) has been upheld– so far.

The problem is that while all these things are positives in defending our traditional marriage system, there are things like the case in Utah where the Supreme Court of that State are using the ruling in Lawrence v. Texas to say that there shouldn’t be a law banning bigamy/polygamy.

Far from this being a civil rights issue, this is a moral issue. No one is denied the ability to marry. A gay person is no denied the ability to marry a person of the opposite sex. (Even the governor of New Jersey McGreevy can attest to that!) Furthermore, the fallacious logic that I should be allowed to marry a same sex partner can be applied to anything. Personally, I’m waiting for the couple where the wife says that her husband is “married to his job” and then forces the man to get “divorced” from said job, and then seeks half the company’s profits during the time that he was “married to his job!”

Now, one can argue very well that maybe government should get out of the marriage license business all together, since it is a act of “holy matrimony.” I could also argue that government is too entangled in it, and it promotes the general welfare, so there’s a reason to recognize legitimate marriages.

I could go on, and may at some other time, but my objections to Homosexual marriage have been well documented on this blog. Point being, marriage is a God-ordained institution designed for one man and one woman to be terminated at death. Homosexuality is an abomination unto the Lord.

Ratner ends her column, however, on a point that we do need to take to heart. Why is it that so many churches have problems with their members separating or divorcing? That’s something that hurts the church’s testimony and witness. Until she gets this right, the church will constantly be attacked as hypocritical, and though the Word of Lord is holy and can stand on its own, its followers are the only light that some see.

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