June 24, 2021

When Days Blur Together

I don’t know about you, but the days seem to blur together as of late.  I think this appears to happen the most when there are things that take up a lot of time at night.

We, the deacons of my church, have been in weekly meetings trying to accomplish a couple of things:

  • Keep the church running
  • Adjust our church Constitution
  • Start finding a new pastor.
  • Come up with some statement about what our church has been through in the past year or so.

Inevitably, we’ve been stuck on the last one since there are still remnants of both sides of the issue with thoughts that only they are correct.

This has the effect of trying one’s faith and endurance.  You find thoughts running through your mind about rules in the Bible– regarding what qualifications there are to be Deacon, how you go about church discipline, and do you let love cover a lot of what is going on in the name of unity.

There are many tough questions, and for anyone that’s been there you understand.  For anyone that will be, you have my prayers!

So, if I seem late, or don’t post, it’s because most of what’s going on is trying to accomplish one of the three, keep a right life before God, and help others see the right path.

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One thought on “When Days Blur Together

  1. You’re doing some great and important work there brother. But I’m also thankful for the time you do have to post. Your insight in the Word is appreciated and I’ve pondered much on your viewpoints. So keep on doing His work and know either way, my prayers are with you.

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