April 21, 2021

A Thankful Heart

I wonder how often we say one thing, and mean another…

Thank you, Lord, for this food…  but I wish it were pizza.
Thank you, Lord, for this job… though I wish it paid more.
Thank you, Lord, for this house… though I wish it were bigger.
Thank you, Lord, for my family/friends… though I wish they treated me better.
Thank you, Lord, for my church… but I wish they were friendlier.
Thank you, Lord, for my clothes… though I wish they were newer.

Are we truly thankful if it includes a but?  We probably don’t say the “but”, although it is there.

It reminds me of a Veggie Tale I just got done seeing the other day (since we only have three, it seems like we know the dialogue and songs by heart because young children never seem to tire of them!) called Madame Blueberry.  In this story, the Blueberry belives that if she just gets more stuff she’ll eventually be happy.  What she finds is that a thankful heart makes for a happy heart (and that houses in trees don’t do well with a lot of stuff in it!).

So, my exhortation for today is to take a look around you and be truly thankful for those things that you are blessed with and have a happy heart!

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One thought on “A Thankful Heart

  1. Luke 12:31 always reminds me where to put my focus. Material usually are wanted by those who want to impress others. I wish to impress the Lord. I’m grateful for His sacrifice and what He’s done 🙂

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