April 21, 2021

Republic, not Democracy

It’s not a little thing. Democracy brings anarchy, the belief that the majority makes morality, and can utterly rule a nation. That is why when our Founders created a government, they created a Republic. We may have democratically elected officials, but those officials serve in a Republic. That’s why we say, in the pledge of allegience, “and the Republic, for which it stands…” You would think that after years of saying this we’d get it right.

Though I think Peggy Noonan was probably a bit too critical of the President’s Inaugural address, she nevertheless brought out an important point. This side of glory we are not going to see a free and peaceful world. (Ms. Noonan is a practicing Catholic, and I don’t know of her personal state with the Savior, but I do know that this part she has right.) If our understanding of the Scripture is correct, it will get worse.

Should we desire to all people free? Certainly. It allows us better chances to witness. It allows for people to see the kind of life they can live. Will it be accomplished? Not until the Prince of Peace comes. I sometimes wonder if we’re getting close to that time with Israel being somewhat at peace right now. If you see any treaties floating around promising 7 years of peace to Israel, get ready to leave.

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4 thoughts on “Republic, not Democracy

  1. Sin makes it not possible for us to see peace. I don’t blame one President or person but our own fallen nature. We gravitate to darkness because we have darkness tainting us. That is why our hope isn’t in this earth, our hope (and citizenship) is in heaven. Yes, we try to do the Lord’s work here, but ultimately we do what we do to see those we care for in eternity with us, and with Christ.

    What the President wishes to accomplish is a great endeavor. How I wish our previous President had such aspirations rather than spending too much time in his office.

  2. Wendy, It isn’t BUSH that is stopping the way of peace… it is the fallen world we live in. SHoudl we not try to do right by those who are suffering? Under Saddam’s tyranny people were suffering, they were being tortured, women were beign raped, men were being killed, kids were being hurt… He ran a terrible regime. He did not maintain peace within his own country himself, and we have done no worse, and are in the process of setting up a government that can be less intimidating. The problem in the Middle East with lack of peace has nothing to do with Bush… I mean just look around you! Were Bush not in the presidency, 9-11 still would have happened (as evidenced by all the other terrorist attacks that aren’t so glorified, on our territory)… Was it BUSH who started terrorism? I think not.

    Look to the Lord Jesus Christ for true peace, it will start within yourself, and one day we will see His Kingdom set up upon this earth, and will revel in His glory and true peace.

    Mrs. Meg Logan

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