May 10, 2021

The Price of a Look

Last night, Virtuous Blonde and myself went out with the kids for Chinese food. While we were being shown our seat, a girl walked toward us that my wife said “I didn’t look past the belly button ring.” Actually, I think the first thing that I saw was her hair, and the fact she had a pimply face covered in makeup. The interesting thing was, I felt sorry for her.

In all of this preparation for these journal entries and shopping for the Mrs, I think I’ve grown some in this way. All I could think about was being sorry for someone (guy or girl) that felt like they had to “sell” themselves to have someone show interest.

Where went the days when men had to compete for the virtuous woman? Where went the days when what was prized in a lady was more than just her three number statistics, how much skin she showed, or how loose her reputation was. I don’t have any daughters yet, but what kind of world and challenges am I going to have to prepare my boys? How do I get them to value inner beauty over the blatant “sex” that’s everywhere?

I guess that’s why the Bible talks about the price of a virtuous woman being above rubies, and that she is a crown to her husband. It’s sad that they are getting increasingly rare, but shown to be more and more  precious.

As for those with girls/women that are your friends and relatives– protect them from the deceit that is worldly dress. Help them to see the virtuous path.

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One thought on “The Price of a Look

  1. It’s rare and precious indeed to find someone (man or woman) who are virtuous. Girls and men you’ve pointed out are a dime a dozen- and it is a tragedy that they are fixated on presenting the OUTER person instead of the REAL person.

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