March 29, 2023

Reworking the system

The current voting system is broken.  No longer do we have responsible people voting, but we grab each person, use peer pressure and bandwagons, and pressure them into a given place to check a box for a given man.  This dilutes responsible votes and makes the election into a popularity contest more than a vote on issues.  How can we solve it?  Here are some possible solutions:

  • Get rid of the two party system– or the political parties at all.
  • Make the House/Senate decide the election.
  • Change the electoral vote system so that the popular vote dictates the 2 “senate” votes, and then whoever wins each district gets the vote of that district.
  • Have a test when entering a polling facility that required you to match a candidate’s position to the candidate’s person.  Anyone not scoring over half would be given a class or something before voting– or not allowed to vote.
  • Compile some kind of list of votes from tax returns so that fraud could be minimized.

Anyone else got a suggestion?

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2 thoughts on “Reworking the system

  1. MIn, I like the test suggestion. I particularly think that individuals susceptible to the Jedi mindtrick (as those in the liberal left practice via media), should not be permitted to vote for the sole reason they do not practice autonomy in their own reasoning. 🙂

  2. I don’t really think it’s quite so broken. Get rid of all spending limits and let’s stop the shenanigans with the 527s. Personally I think that only people who actually PAY (as opposed to withholding) taxes, AND OWN real property should be able to vote. That’ll never happen though.

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