May 27, 2022


I’ve joined up as part of the campaign to get people to download and try Mozilla’s Firefox browser.  I’ve been using it pretty much exclusively for months now, and it’s finally in it’s 1.00 Preview release form.  I think if you tried it that you’d find it much more friendly and extendable than IE or Netscape.

Better than IE:

  • Popup blocker built in
  • Has it’s own RSS reader built in.
  • Ad Block Plug in removes flash and any banner ads from your web page for faster browsing
  • Not integrated into the OS
  • No ActiveX
  • Does not have confusing Zones to be exploited by hackers
  • Tabbed Browsing with the mouse wheel click.

Better than Netscape:

  • Only a browser (has separate mail program)
  • No Netscape branding
  • Faster page rendering

So, if you haven’t tried Firefox, or you’ve tried an early version, please give it a shot and see what you think.  You won’t be sorry you did!  Just click on the image below

Get Firefox!

Now that this ad is over, we resume our regular blogging.

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