April 16, 2021

Still Around

I want to thank all of you that showed concern for what was going on last and this week. Roughly two weeks ago today, one of our children gagged, and coughed up a grape skin. After many doctor’s visits, they determined that he needed to see a specialist. Last Monday they told us that we needed to get him to the Emergency Room of a bigger hospital.

They wanted the little guy to have a procedure to looking into his wind pipe and throat to see if there were still any particles, since none showed up on xray. The test was negative, though the procedure hurt his breathing and increased his coughing. That meant little sleep for
his parents.

After that, last Thursday some college friends visited, and just left yesterday. So, suffice it to say that there was little sleep or time for posts. I will endeavor to pick back up again where I left off, and try not to leave people in the dark!

Again, thanks for all of your prayer and concerns, they were very appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “Still Around

  1. Hey, its me again. Sorry that I couldn’t message you the other day. My boss was in a bad mood and I had to do some work for him and then leave right away. What I wrote above stands true. We will keep your son in our prayers! Take care and talk to you soon! Also, I have not AIM’d in awhile and while fooling around I accidentally blocked the MInTheGap name, so I’m going to try and figure out how to unblock it. Anyway, will talk to you soon! I think I still have your other name on there, so should be fine. Take care!

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