April 16, 2021

A Dusty Mirror

Walking upstairs, the two walked to the spot in the hall where the ladder to the attic came down. Using the pole that he had discovered the morning before, Joey was able to catch the little handle and pull down the panel. “It’s open,” stated Joey, looking back at his sister.

A big smiled came over her face as she watched her brother pull down the ladder. “Be careful, Joey!” Joey turned his head and gave his sister a look of disbelief. Turning back to his work, he pulled the ladder down and started his climb into the attic, his sister still standing below.

“Well?” Joey called down. “What are you waiting for?!”

“It looks so dark up there!”

“There has to be a light switch somewhere,” Joey stated, as he disappeared from the doorway. He stumbled around in the dark for a bit. Jill heard a crash, and called for her brother. He replied that he was all right. Jill looked around the hallway, and flicked a switch nearby. Joey appeared back at the doorway. “Found it!”

“Yep, I did. Right here.” Joey looked embarrassed, and Jill started to climb the ladder up into the attic. Once there, she looked around at all the dust covered objects. She saw a mildly organized attic with a lot of covered things.

“I wonder what’s in those trunks,” Joey wondered aloud as he pointed to some trunks in the corner. He headed over to them and started playing with the lock on one of them.

Meanwhile, Jill wandered toward some plastic covered dresses in another corner. Lifting up some plastic, she imagined wearing the fancy dresses.

As Joey finally opened the lock on the trunk, Jill found an old hat box. She lifted the cover and— “BANG!” She turned to see Joey wearing a cowboy hat and holding an old cap gun in his right hand. “I shot you!”

“So,” she replied. “A real gentleman wouldn’t shoot a lady.” She batted her eyes.

“Yuk.” He placed the that and gun back into the trunk and started to look for something else to play with. As he continued to do this, Jill wandered over to what she thought was a window. Looking at the large thing in front of her, she figured out that it was not a window, but a mirror. She could see her own silhouette in the dusty mirror, but as she moved her head around to try to get a better view she couldn’t seem to make out anything but her silhouette. She could tell that she was still wearing the hat, but that was about it.

She looked around her and found a rag on shelf next to the mirror. She picked up the rag and rubbed it once over the mirror. She looked into where she had wiped. She really couldn’t see too clearly. The dust had to have been there for a long time. She could now see a little of her face, but the size of the spot that she wiped and the amount of dust that was still on it caused her vision to be impaired. She started cleaning random spots, but everywhere she cleaned yielded the same result.

“What are you doing?” Joey asked.

“Oh, nothing,” Jill replied, placing the rag behind her. She meandered over to look at something else until Joey moved to another trunk. As soon as he was out of sight, she went back to the mirror. Finally, she started to rub increasingly harder on one spot. The more she cleaned, the more she saw, to the point that she finally saw just a bit, enough to see her eyes.

“Hmm. What’s this?” Joey asked. He picked up a black leather-bound book from the trunk. A thick layer of dust covered it, and as he blew the dust off and coughed a couple of
times, he tried to make out its title. He couldn’t quite make out all the letters, so he turned it on its side to open it. As he leafed through it, he saw that many pages were as if they’d never been read, while very few actually looked read. He then flipped to the front page and realized that this was a Bible.

Like a mirror, the Bible reflects the true image of the viewer. By looking deeply into it you see how holy He is and how you really appear to Him. The only catch is that you must take the time to look deep inside it to see yourself. A casual listening to it may show you a silhouette, and a casual glance at it might show you a better outline, but only digging deep will reveal the person that God sees in you.

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