April 16, 2024

Framing the Debate

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Hello, I’m Holly. MIn has graciously asked me to join him on his blog for the remainder of the election season.  I’ve been a political junkie since I was a child.  My first memory of election coverage is from the night I settled in to watch Reagan’s second election.  I didn’t even make it through my first bowl of popcorn before the landslide was called in his favor.  I’m a wife and mom of eight children now, and I am enjoying teaching my kids many valuable lessons throughout this current election process.

Over the last several years, I have happily cast aside the main stream media.  With the emergence of conservative internet media sources, I haven’t had to count on Katie or Tom or Brian to tell me how to think.  Online, I read a variety of sites, both conservative and liberal.  I am able to read what I want, watch what videos interest me, and form my own opinions.

A week ago, my internet was down.  The repair-man could not be dispatched for a week!  It was a bleak time for me and my Minnesota-born husband.  His beloved Twins were down to the wire and he was reduced to frequenting the library in order to read scores.  (They eventually lost…something…but don’t ask me what.  I don’t do sports.)

And me?  If I wanted any news at all, I had to watch the talking (and talking and talking and talking) heads on regular television.  (Because we are frugal folks, we don’t even spring for cable.  That’s not bad…we own our home and our vehicles!  Right now, that’s such a good thing!)

Since it had been several years, it was a bit of a jolt to reconnect with my PBS pals and the other television personalities who want to tell me how to think.  I knew that mainstream media bias was blatant, but experiencing it this last week shocked me all over again.  It was sort of like that hot sauce you keep coming back to over and over again once your tongue is no longer numb.

I was reminded that there is no longer any pretense at media objectivity.  There hasn’t been for some time.  I can only wonder at the indoctrination that must take place at our schools of journalism.  Does a student have to sign some sort of “pledge of allegiance” to anti-conservative causes?  Is there some sort of vetting process to get into journalism?  Across the channels there are scathing, condescending tones for John McCain and smiles galore for Obama.  Third-party candidates never had a chance, from the start they faced complete media black-out.

Last night’s second Presidential debate was framed for the viewer before it ever happened; and like all previous debates, was called immediately for Obama by the incessant talking heads.  The message for the viewer is clear:  “Don’t bother thinking.  Don’t waste your time forming opinions.  We’ll tell you who won, and why.”  There might as well be a little box for brain-storage beside the television remote.

Obviously, my internet has been repaired.  I’m back on-line.  In retrospect, I don’t regret the down-time at all.  I was driven from my computer, only to reject receiving my news from the television set.  I was called to the unbiased Holy Scriptures time and time again; was reminded that it is the Lord God Almighty who holds all of our times in His hands.  Throughout the last week of this campaign and the financial crisis, I was called not to any screen but to my knees (and sometimes face down) to pray for my nation and this world.

Let me urge you, throughout this remaining month, to let God frame the great debate for your mind.  Take it all to Him.  Lay it out there for his view, ask Him for His wisdom, His thoughts.

Ask for His will to be accomplished for this time in history.  He maintains the perfect balance of love and judgement, of justice and mercy.  He, unlike the mainstream media, knows the outcome of all things.  HE can be trusted, and YOU will have peace within your spirit.

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14 thoughts on “Framing the Debate

  1. Thanks so much for the post, Holly. 🙂 I *do* watch the news on tv, and sometimes it makes my brain hurt. lol At least Fox News doesn’t make my head hurt as much, or I’d have to give up tv news altogether.

    Jennas last blog post..Daybook: October 1, 2008

  2. Well said! Funnily enough, what I’m reading from the left is that they think the media is a pawn of the Republicans and is “framing” the election for McCain. Unbelievable.

  3. Excellent. Holly.
    I have come to a decision. If I get my news, it will not be from the MSM. What I do happen to catch from them, I will take with a grain of salt knowing from whence it came. I refuse to let my emotions be taken for a ride by the Obama express (aka the MSM). My emotions are controlled by the Absolute Truth and leaves me with a peace that passes all understanding and propaganda. I have been reading and studying Ephesians and it is good. Before the foundation of the world, God had a plan of totally goodness for me in and through Christ Jesus. If Obama is elected, that is part of His goodness for me, even if it slides us into socialism. If McCain is elected, that is part of His goodness for me, even if it slides us into something else. That is my Rock. It has made me realize that I have nothing to fear from the bias of the MSM. Before I realized this I was up and down with the news stories and polls. In Him, my confidence can not be shaken. I can not tell you how freeing this has been. Economic crisis? His goodness to me in Christ. Liberalism shoved down my throat? His goodness to me in Christ. How can this be? I can’t explain it all but part of it, I know, is that it weans me away from my love of this world and the here and now and from my confidence in princes and help of man. It forces me to look for a better, lasting city whose builder and maker is God. It makes me long for the Righeous Judge and Lawgiver, the Almighty, Eternal King, Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace. And I don’t mind at all the unending increase of that government.

    Leigh Anns last blog post..Owwww!

  4. Great first post, Holly. A few years ago (when we were getting out of debt) we went cable free, and with our young kids we never had time to check out the MSM. Being the type of guy I am, I spend much more time online checking things out then watching pre-packaged info anyway.

    I’m glad that we get to hear that candidates speak, even if they are rehearsed, because it lets us get a feel for whether they’re genuine, or just parroting.

    But as I’ve said elsewhere I would prefer that they actually answer the questions or be forced to truly think on their feet.

  5. You’re welcome Jenna. I’m not compelling my decisions upon others, just making suggestions.

    Yes, Christ is our solid rock. And what does he say about how we should conduct ourselves? Is it truly something nebulous? Or are there specific principles laid out in scripture to which we can point?

    Arthur Eisss last blog post..Confiscation Through Inflation

  6. MIn, you are not the only one who is tired of the canned answers! (Raising my hand here…) 🙂

    I can understand a canned answer out on the stump, because they have to go to so many locations and say the same thing over and over again. I just wish that when they are interviewed or in a debate that they (okay, McCain….) could come up with a new way of saying things. As you say, thinking on their feet.

    BTW – have you seen the video of Sarah responding to hecklers? Now, THAT girl can think on her feet. She might not know what to say to Katie Couric, but she knows what to say to a heckler. (“God bless you sir – my son is serving in Iraq right now to protect you right to protest”…and the crowd goes WILD!) 🙂

    Let me just say…when this election is done I never want to hear the word “maverick” or hear that creepy “Obama’s gonna change the world song” by little children again. It’s been stuck in my head allllll day and I can not get it to leave!

    Hollys last blog post..Stand Firm

  7. Holly – Emily and I were at that rally when Sarah responded to the heckler. Much has changed for her since the Katie Couric interview. Did you see the one she did with Greta a day or so ago? She was confident and yet thoughtful (even mentioned homeschooling moms) and when she needed to pass, she did so without stumbling. And what about the townhall rally with both McCain and Palin yesterday in Wisconsin? I just wish they could do that in a real townhall debate with McCain and Obama. The one earlier this week was a joke.

    Patricia (Pollywog Creek)s last blog post..A question and answer…

  8. You were there, Patricia? Oh man…wish I were!

    You know, if they would show actual footage from McCain/Palin rallies, I know people would have a different perspective and the polls would be different as well. They show tiny blips…of the townhall you mentioned, for example…but not enough to get a real sense of it.

    I believe the McCain team finally DID unleash Sarah – I wonder why they waited so long? Perhaps just waiting for her debate; saving her as a “closer?”

    She continues to scare the MSM. It shows on their faces.

    Hollys last blog post..Stand Firm

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