May 24, 2024

MInTheGap – The Return

Let me start out by giving thanks for Mary‘s fine job at stepping in for me this week as I took some time off of blogging.  It’s weird when your browser doesn’t have all of your favorite places to visit in cache anymore because you’ve been gone.

So, I’ll give you a few updates and answer a few nagging questions you have, and then back to business:

Did you manage to stay away from the Internet for the whole time?

I did not manage to stay away from the computer the whole time.  Virtuous Blonde told me, not soon after the “time away” had started that she meant “away from my writing schedule” and not all together.  For one thing, we keep track of finances on the computer and without it we would have been unable to know how much money we had been spending (more eating out on the days that she was in the hospital) and plan our February budget.  So, no I was not able to leave the computer off the whole time.

I also snuck by the blog to look how the posts and comments were going, but I refrained from commenting.  (Oh, thanks to all of you that congratulated us on the baby–  I think you might actually get a comment from Virtuous Blonde herself!)  I did do one thing in the name of MInTheGap– and that was to comment on someone else’s blog that had referenced mine, but that was a moment of weakness and it was because he told me “[I] just don’t get it.”  I’ll tell you more about that later.

How’s the baby?

Both mother and baby are doing fine, with the requisite time confusion– she thinks she needs to be awake at night.  She’s quiet for the most part, but she does seem to want to eat more than usual.  The boys are taking well to her, and they seem to like their baby sister that “can’t do anything.”  They get excited when her eyes open.

Did you hear about…?

Probably not.  Though I did see something in the news about Boston having some terrorist hoax (launching of some cartoon), I got to read very little news.  Bloglines keeps telling me I have close to 1000 articles to look at/read.  Don’t know when I’m going to get to it all.

Do you have anything to say about…?

There is a lot I’d like to add to the comments made while I was gone.  The question is, will I get to it!  Honestly, I’m trying to figure out how much time I have to keep up this blog and do everything else I have to do!  I’m hoping that, when things get more routine, I’ll find regular time.  Keep with me, I don’t think I’m disappearing, I’m just going to be restructuring for a while.

And with that, it’s back to normal, folks.  Thanks for all the well wishes, prayers and thoughts directed our way.

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11 thoughts on “MInTheGap – The Return

  1. :heart: Thanks for the warm welcome back!

    A special thanks to Mary, again, for all the work she put in over here. I look at the comment totals and see that it was much more than posts she contributed this week!

    Well, Stephen, though it’s low security risk, I think I’ll probably have to come up with a nick name (pumpkin is the current working one) since I don’t have a very secure feeling online. :ninja: Perhaps I can e-mail you it! 😉

  2. Welcome back indeed.

    I was so happy to see comments from you showing up in my email this morning! I was quite certain how you would respond to some of the issues that came up around here. I just told my husband last night that if you weren’t on paternity leave, you would certainly pick up on certain subtleties in my comments that he was afraid wouldn’t be noticed.

    And, like I’ve said before, thanks to Mary, too.

  3. Yeah! Welcome back!

    Look at it this way:

    Most women bloggers with newborns use their nursing time to blog. They do it all by typing one handed.

    At least you don’t have to do that! (Unless you are just holding the baby…which is a good thing to do…..)


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