May 21, 2024

Cancer Cure

Ann at Everyday in Grace posted a detailed article the other day about a cheap new drug that cures cancer. After reading it, DCA (dichloroacetate) sounds almost too good to be true: non-toxic…only killing cancer cells and leaving healthy cells whole…

Is this the “magic bullet”?

Probably not according to Bill Sardi, who agrees DCA has possibilities, but has his eye on Resveratrol, which he calls “a hundred anti-cancer drugs in one.”
I’m thinking we’re all intrigued by two things:

  • a cancer treatment that won’t kill you before you’re cured?
  • it’s affordable?

In fact, DCA would cost only pennies per dose:

But that’s also a problem, because big drug companies are unlikely to spend a billion dollars or so on large-scale clinical trials for a compound they can’t patent.

Sad, huh. A cure like this, and it’s not worth their time.

Thankfully, a Dr. Evangelos Michelakis of the University of Alberta and two of his colleagues, with the support of the University and the Alberta Cancer Board, are taking this research project upon themselves. They hope private philanthropists and foundations will help underwrite the process.

For more on how you can help go to the DCA Research Information site.

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