May 29, 2022

Survey Says – May 16th Edition

feedback form excellent So, I asked some fine ladies that have much more popular blogs than I do what they do to get 600+ readers and one of the things that they told me was that they run a lot of surveys.

I’ll admit that I used to run surveys in the past, and I don’t know if I got the right questions, but that won’t stop me from trying again.  And, in the mean time, I’ve found a neat new feature to try out with Google Documents.

So, I’m wondering, what kind of places you buy things from online, and whether I can help you find good items, and I’d like to use a survey to help us both:


I’ll publish the results of this survey next week when I introduce the new survey!  Feel free to add any other store.  Comments will be closed, because I’d really like you to try this survey!

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