April 19, 2021

Baby Dumping: Dead or Alive

Have you heard the sad story of two children discussing the infamous poster of a trash can filled with aborted babies? The children thought they were dolls. After all, who would throw away a real baby? Right? Worse yet, would those babies end up at the dump? There’s rats at the dump!

A curious alternative to abortion has been emerging in America since 1999. Legalized baby abandonment. In 37 states, women can anonymously leave their babies at “safe havens” such as fire stations and hospitals. By doing this, the mothers sever their rights in exchange for protection from prosecution for abandonment or child cruelty. With teen mothers stuffing their newborns in garbage cans what else is a government to do? Maybe advocating abstinence in sex ed class? Hey, I’m pro-choice: Abstinence or promiscuity. After all, we’re talking babies here, not kittens or puppies.

Oh, I forgot. Kids nowadays need to know their options. They need to be informed so they can make responsible decisions. Life and death decisions.

And let’s not lay all the blame at the portals of sex-ed and teens wanting a quick fix. Adults—mentally imbalanced or otherwise—are more and more being convicted of heinous crimes against their children. This is just one more attack on the sanctity of life by the trump card of pro-choice. Dump your child and nothing will happen.

Despite my flippancy, my heart does go out to these mothers who, for whatever reason, feel they have no other choice.

And may God bless all those little Moses’ in their baskets.

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4 thoughts on “Baby Dumping: Dead or Alive

  1. I read that article that you had a link to in this post. I had no idea that babies were being used like that. I haven’t been pro-abortion since I had my daughter (in my family it was not a sin to do such things and taught as preferable to having a baby early in life) so I KNEW I was against it, but I have been underinformed. Thank you for the education.

    I like the “I’m pro-choice, “Abstinence or Promiscuity?” line, I can’t wait to use it!

  2. Mary– great post. You almost had me at the “I’m pro-choice” line!

    It’s amazing what is really going behind the scenes in the abortion industry. People are lead to believe that it’s only one thing in one area, but it really is far reaching, and would gross people out if they knew what really is going on in the name of “choice”.

  3. Thank you both so much!
    One thing about this baby dumping that scares me–wouldn’t this be an easy way for a disgruntled friend or relative to get away with kidnapping? If no questions are asked, how would they ever know if this baby wasn’t someone else’s much loved child?
    Another thing, many women go through pp depression immediately following birth…combine that with adverse circumstances and isn’t this making their decision all too easy? One they would regret in their right mind? But by the time they come to their senses it’s too late. They’ve severed all rights.
    On the surface it seems like a great idea to save babies, but I’m not so sure!

  4. It definitely has its pluses and minuses. There should be some kind of papers so that the child is signed off– but I guess it’s better for the baby to live than to be killed.

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