April 16, 2024

Don’t Blame Trump for the Court Delays

There are two competing narratives around the delay of former President Trump’s trials.

The left would like you to believe that Trump’s candidacy is all about getting elected President again so he can stop the prosecution of his “many” crimes. They are constantly checking the politics of the court involved, trying to influence the courts by saying that the only way they are relevant is if they prosecute the former President as fast as possible. What they leave out is that they believe that Trump is guilty of all of the things that he’s been indicted for, and their hope is that he will lose if he’s convicted– which is their end goal.

The right would have you believe that the former President is innocent of the charges. That he is a victim of a justice system intent on preventing him from being the next President. Everything’s unfair and none of his charges should have been brought. They lean heavily into his victimhood and cash in on every court appearance to get his name always in the news and to raise money.

As usual, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

For example:

  • Did he take documents from the White House that he probably couldn’t/shouldn’t? Perhaps– but no other President has been charged with this, including the current President who took things he wasn’t legally allowed to while he was a Senator.
  • Did he inflate the value of his properties to try to get better loans? Sure, if you believe real estate people, everyone does. No one has tried to bring up the law they are using against him to the tune of $500 million.

The list goes on. Lawfare, the use of the law like warfare, is a strategy you can use against your enemies because there’s always something on the books you can find– especially if you are going up against someone who is in the business world. And when we have people run for office who run to “get Trump”, well, this is what you get.

However, you shouldn’t blame Trump for the court delays. It has been almost four years since Trump was President, and they waited until after he declared that he was running to go after him. If that does reek of “if you don’t run for President, we won’t go after you” I don’t know what does. I have to say that this is definitely political– as anyone with eyes to see knows.

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