May 20, 2024

Biden: The Family Brand

Hunter is a shady guy, but does that implicate the President? Is investigating Hunder a waste of time?

The man has a totally rotten character. Prostitutes, illegitimate children, addictions, influence peddling… the list goes on. So why are we interested in this guy, and the investigations that are going into it?

While most families in developing nations have abandoned the concept of a family unit in search of individualistic goals, you will notice that the more wealthy families of note continue to build strong families with patriarchs and their name being something. The Trumps, Roberstons, and the Bidens are all like this, uniting around each other and leveraging the fortunes of one another to build a family brand or business.

President Joe Biden is the headliner of Biden, Inc. Like any person who attains the level of President or leader of a country, many people want access to that person. To be able to say that you’re the President’s brother, wife, etc. allows the person to possibly get invited to the White House, to have an influence, or be able to meet people in power. This is a big deal and can be worth something.

So why do we care about Hunter? If people are giving gifts, money, or time to the Biden family, and that’s normal, then why do we care?

It’s interesting to look toward the Bible here for some background. When evaluating someone for the office of Pastor (bishop, overseer) of a church, the church is to look at how his family is doing. Are they believers, do they have a good reputation? Now, there are some questions as to whether this applies to adult children, but that could also be because we see that many fathers are more invested in themselves and their careers than their children. We all know the preacher’s child who misbehaves while the preacher is lauded.

This could be the topic of a different post, but suffice it to say that we look at the children because they imitate their parents and have learned from them. So, if the child is having issues in all sorts of areas in terms of self-control, prioritizing himself, and living large off the family name, what does that say about the person occupying the office of the Presidency?

This is one of the biggest things, in many people’s opinion, recommending former President Trump. His children were a testament to his leadership and parenting– or his ability to send his kids to the right schools, I don’t think he deserves all the credit. But the children show what kind of parents they had and what they were exposed to. So they should be something we look at in terms of getting a view into the inside of a person’s home, and should help us to realize the importance of our family brand.

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