April 24, 2024

It’s Never About the Money

Hat Tip: Ya love to see it!

This wasn’t about the money, or else they never would have let Tucker Carlson go. And while I claim no inside sources as to why Fox cut ties with Dan Bongino or Tucker Carlson (and believe that everything that you read about them is probably speculation), what we can easily tell is that it wasn’t about the money.

I mean, the guy is still under contract with Fox News. If they wanted to, they could relaunch his show at the same time, and score a huge ratings boost as people would want to see what he’d say on his first day back, and in a little while, everyone would forget what they did.

No, this move, the move with Bud Light, the NFL with the National Anthem, and other decisions that seem to make no sense in terms of money shows that money isn’t the only factor in these decisions.

And this shows even back to the Bible days. John the Baptist was held in prison by Herod, and he liked having John around, but his wife had their daughter convince Herod to kill John and Herod complied. Darius threw Daniel in the Lion’s Den because some of his advisors didn’t like how much authority and trust Daniel had.

It surprises us to think of people doing things that obviously cost them so much because, for most of us, we can’t think of losing the amount of money they are losing– but that’s because they can afford to lose that money or wait things out, and they are playing a long game.

That’s why most boycotts of big companies do not have an effect– the pockets are just that deep.

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