June 16, 2024

Three Charged With Sedition, What Comes Next?

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Three Proud Boys have been sentenced for their roles in the January 6th riots on the Capitol.

A federal jury in Washington, D.C. found Tarrio, Ethan Nordean, Zachary Rehl and Joseph Biggs guilty of conspiring to prevent the peaceful transfer of power from Donald Trump to Joe Biden and using force and prior planning to hinder the 2020 presidential election certification.

The jury initially did not find a verdict for the fifth defendant, Dominic Pezzola, on the most serious charge, seditious conspiracy, and they were sent back to deliberate by Judge Timothy Kelly. After several hours, they found him not guilty of seditious conspiracy, but remained hung on whether he was part of the conspiracy to obstruct. They sent a note to the judge that after lengthy discussions, all jurors firmly agree that further discussions” will not yield agreement and they were dismissed. 

Proud Boys members, ex-leader Enrique Tarrio guilty in seditious conspiracy trial

But all of this is just a precursor to what the left is really after, framing what happened as treason or something really big they can get Trump on.

Since even the internet-famous former constitutional law professor, Ann Althouse, isn’t quite sure how they were able to get these convictions, I bet there’s going to be appeals after the appropriate soundbites:

I did not sit through the trial and don’t know what evidence was presented, but Robinson asserts that the “[e]vidence at the trial showed” the defendants led a large group — known to be members of the Proud Boys — to the Capitol where and that group went beyond vocal protesting and committed acts of “violence.” I still have the question: What evidence proved that this was “sedition”? I’m trying to understand how political protests come to be understood as “sedition.” 

“[T]hree different sets of jurors have concluded that Jan. 6 was no spontaneous riot. It was planned, organized, incited…”

So to me, this is just more noise and going after political opponents. What comes next? Trying to spin this into a reason to stop Trump from running for President again. Why are they trying so hard to stop him?

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