April 16, 2024

Why AI?

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Why is it that man continues to want to create Artificial Intelligence?  Why create a machine that only does what man already does?

I think it’s partly because we are made in the image of God.  God, being a Creator made man in that way– he wants to create things and what greater creation is there than man, who can think, reason, and do independent of biology?

And yet, is there another reason?  Perhaps man wants to create something that would be totally owned by man.  Perhaps man wants something that could make life easier.

In Japan, people are developing robots that look like people– that take the place of people– as counterparts, as servants, and in a relationship.  These robots strike me to be the 21st century’s equivalent of slavery.  They’re creating a whole set of things to do and be exactly what they want them to do and be.

In America, we use AI to be on battle fields, to go into dangerous situations, and to help us with capitalism (through the use of voice recognition, etc).  We don’t have to pay the computer, we don’t have to worry that they’ve already read the menu 30 times to different customers, etc.

It’s not that I’m making an automated answering machine equivalent to man– they’re not.  I’m just saying that it seems that human nature repeats itself.  We don’t want to make the effort, we don’t want to have to do something, so we want someone or something to do it for us.

And the interesting thing is that I’m sure we’ll never be satisfied.

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