March 2, 2024

Future Generation’s Perspective

girl with cigarette

Here’s something for you to chew on.  I believe that the church is so infected by the culture that it chooses its big sins based on what the culture thinks.

Let me illustrate:  A couple of generations ago, the big preaching name was Charles Spurgeon.  He was a great preacher, a man of God, and there are everything from devotion books to sermons based on the man’s work.

The man also smoked.

Smoking is one of those “big sins” that preachers always rail on as “defiling the temple” of the body, and yet this would have been absurd a couple generations back.  Society looks down on smoking, making them go outside to smoke, so preachers can rail on it.

Preachers also rail on drugs– but they don’t preach against caffeine or prescription medicines.

So, given this tendency for the church to preach strongly only against things that are culturally wrong, and stick others in the “maybe wrong” or “wrong, but I’m not going to talk about it much” categories, what will be the future generation’s view of some of the things we do today?

  • Will television or the Internet be a great sin to be apart of?
  • Will caffeine be seen as evil?
  • How about being apart of government?

All this gives me new appreciation for those that follow out-of-the-mainstream habits because they are choosing to do what they’re doing because of their convictions.  I mean, a generation ago ladies wore hats in church– why did they stop?  Was it really because we “finally figured out what that passage in Corinthians meant?”

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