March 4, 2024

The End Times Paradox

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The New Testament instructs us that we should live every day like Christ is returning.  And yet, at the same time, we are told that we do not know when Christ will return, and we also know that the people of the time believed that He would return in their lifetime, and He didn’t.

In fact, it’s been 2000+ years and He has still not returned.

So, how do you reconcile “living like He would come today” with “living with He could come next year?”

Paul recommended not getting married– and a whole sect of people called Shakers did just that.  They aren’t around anymore, but that command is realistic if you expect Jesus to return in your lifetime.  I know people that are debating about doing costly things because “Jesus will come before then.”

Is this just an excuse because we don’t want to do something, or because we didn’t plan?  Should we be planners if Jesus could come and our plans be brought to naught?

Should we be spending more time witnessing and trust our provision to God– what if everyone did this?  Does it say we are weak Christians when we don’t do this?

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