February 21, 2024

One Man, One Woman for Life

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Proper sexual relations were always meant to be between one man and one woman for life. Anyone who doubts this just has to do a quick reading of the Levitical law to see that relations outside of this were considered an abomination to the Lord.

An argument has been made that the Old Testament, particularly the account of Sodom and Gomorrah, isn’t necessarily about homosexuality. They attribute this to a bunch of things. For starters, they say that it must be okay to rape young virgins– since Lot offers his daughters to the men outside of the house.

In order to keep things in perspective here, we have to realize (again) that the Bible records history, and does not always comment on what the person did. I would imagine that if God had taken the time to state each and every time that a person sinned what the sin was and what he thought of it we would not be able to carry around that size of a Bible! More importantly, when we sin, there is rarely a voice from Heaven expressing disgust, and in this day in age, there’s rarely a prophet or preacher there to remind us of our faults. I digress there…

Back to the issue at hand. I believe that the state of Sodom (and later in Judges of the Benjamites) is a case of God showing us what the telltale signs of judgment are. If we look at Ezekiel we will see that the problem of Sodom at its core was one where they had a selfish, self-sufficient, and sinful lifestyle before the homosexuality problem occurred. If you will, homosexuality was an outgrowth of internal sins.

That being the case, I think Sodom was evidencing the end product of the society in which we find ourselves today. It was not many years ago when homosexuality was considered a psychological illness. Now it is something that “you are born with”, though this and evolution no one can prove, we’re just supposed to accept. Now we are being forced to accept that it’s a “normal and loving lifestyle.”

I used to think that there was no way that we could ever get to be like Sodom. Now I look at some of the events and wonder how long it will take. Here are some of the signs:

  • A couple of years ago, a group of church people was held hostage in their own church while homosexuals beat on the doors and walls. The Pastor had to call 911 in hopes of not being harmed physically.
  • Just yesterday, conservative columnist Ann Coulter was confronted by a heckler asking about men sodomizing their wives and portraying rude gestures to a crowd with kids present.
  • A few weeks back, Justice Scalia was asked if he sodomized his wife.
  • The mainstream press continues to state that homosexuality is a born trait– and the self-help columnists that they hire state the same thing.

The truth is, there needs to be no truth to the statement– people just have to repeat it enough in the nation’s conscious and there will be believers.

If you look at the sexualization of our culture– from our billboards to our first lady– you see that things that you would never “say in front of a lady” are now considered funny and normal in mixed company. Clothes that you might see streetwalkers wearing are now worn by our most vulnerable children. People take pictures of themselves in compromising poses or wearing next to nothing on camera phones, sending these pictures to others, and those pictures end up on the internet.

We are not far away from a time when people consider it normal to demand sex, or the government turns a blind eye since they do not want the wrath of being labeled a homophobe or a bigot.

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