May 20, 2024

The Revenge Prayer

One Big Happy Classics

My kids are cute when they pray.  At some point they realized that there are a lot of people that we pray for, so it got to the point that they started to pray for “everyone in the world.”

The little girl in the comic above takes it to the next level.  She decides that she should pray for “the good people”1 and have God show a little bit of His wrath on this one individual.

Much Like Us

In a way, this is much like us.  We tend to take time to remember to pray for the people that we like, the people that we know we should, and the people that we spend time with; however, we often forget to pray for those that we do not like in any other way but negatively.

I don’t know that I remember the last time that I prayed positively for someone that I knew personally that I disliked.  I mean, my family prays for the President—though we disagree with many of his policies—and prays for those that we know without Christ, but praying for someone that opposes us usually escapes us.

And yet that’s exactly what we’re asked commanded to do.

It’s a tough thing to do!

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  1. Though I’m sure she means the well behaved because there’s no one that’s “good”. []

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