May 16, 2021

When is a Baby a Baby?

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In New Jersey, it depends on whether it lived outside the womb.  I recent case that is drawing attention once again to this question centers around a small body that was thrown out with the hospital’s trash.

The Facts of the Case

The basic facts of the case are as follows:

Bashire Moore was born days before Christmas with a weak heart that would kill him and when the funeral home came for the body, one tragedy was compounded by another.

The funeral home came to get the boy and his body wasn’t there.

So the problem is that there’s no baby to be found, and the parents believe that they deserve some compensation from the hospital, as well as the body.  The hospital, to its credit, is searching for the child, but doesn’t want to compensate the family and they’re basing their case on the idea that the baby was still born.  The family argues that the baby was born alive, and was given life saving treatment after birth.

The Absurdity

So, by all accounts the baby was alive, the mother wanted it, she carried it to term.  However, our culture devalues life in the womb so much, yet claims to value the choice of the mother, that when the mom wants the baby—or the baby’s body and the hospital throws it out like common trash the only thing they can cling to is the idea that, unless it was alive outside the womb, it’s common trash.

Something is very wrong here, and this case highlights the current pro-abortion absurdity.

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8 thoughts on “When is a Baby a Baby?

  1. I won’t argue with this particular case. The parents want the baby’s body, then they should get it. Period. If the hospital lost it, then they need to make good.

    That said, on a more general note, I’d take a more libertarian view. I value the sanctity of life myself, but to force your beliefs on someone else is not my idea of a just society. You can teach kids the value of abstinence, but if someone screws up (no pun intended), they should be allowed to make their own judgment, so long as they’re old enough to take responsibilty for it.

  2. How sad! This family is grieving the loss of their child and they can’t even have the body to bury. Now they are even more upset about where their child is. This hospital is clearly in the wrong and needs to make things right.

    Ling: We’re not trying to enforce our beliefs upon other people. We simply value human life and children should have the right to life.

    Karens last blog post..Fun with Noggin and Nick Jr.

  3. @Ling

    But we have laws that prevent murder in other forms. What if I personally believe that murdering a [born] human isn’t a bad thing, and I then choose to murder someone? Would you let me because it wouldn’t be right to force your anti-killing beliefs on me?

    And what about the baby’s life? Isn’t an abortion forcing the mother’s beliefs on the child? I have a hard time imagining any unborn babies out there being pro-abortion (i.e. pro- their own deaths).

  4. I’m not saying abortions need to continue, or that pro-lifers are wrong. All I’m saying is that there’s other ways to bring it under control. You can’t ram through laws for this kind of thing which has been around since the beginning of the human race. It needs to be done through education and guidance.

    1. I’m not sure that it’s “been around since the beginning of the human race”. I mean, there are laws dating back to the mosaic times of people punching a pregnant belly so the woman loses a child, but in ancient civilizations children were life blood. I mean, some may have sacrificed children to Gods, but children were usually desired for status.

      That being said, there are some stories of abandonment of a birthed child, but if you compare that to abortion-as-contraception and it being done in the womb before the baby has had a chance to be born, no time is like our current time.

  5. Wow. That is just awful. Those parents deserve to see their child buried. I’m not sure what kind of compensation they want but it’s not up to the hospital to just get rid of a baby like that.

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