May 21, 2024

President Obama and Good News

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In an hour from now, this country will have a new President.  President George W. Bush will no longer be in power, and the decisions that face the nation will no longer be his to make.

In some ways, I’m sure that he’s thankful for leaving his post.  I can’t imagine the amount of stress that a President has in making the decisions he makes, and we tend to get stressed when the coffee doesn’t come out just right!

My Prediction

It’ll be very hard for President Obama to be anything more than a one-term President.  I may be wrong, but the difficulty lies not in his policies, his skin color, or whether I agree with him.  The problem lies in expectations—but of course the people around him already know that.

It’s been said that Pres. Obama will have 6 months before the recession/depression is his.  I believe that it may be shorter.  People are expecting him to work miracles

  • Countries that hated us will no longer hate us.
  • Prosperity will return.
  • He’ll create new jobs.
  • the list continues…

The problem is that this lies outside the scope of what any President can do—regardless of what you believe about his policies.

How Should I React?

This man is the President, but the Man on the Throne has not changed.  That being said, our government has gotten where it is because it’s structure with systems to correct itself.  Times are tough, and may get more difficult, but times have been difficult before.

If ever there has been a time in this age that the Christians should wake up and pray that God would move in hearts, it’s now.  If there’s ever been a time where we should be helping our fellow man and showing God’s love and grace, it’s now.

People need to hear the Good News, and we’re the message bearers—who have you told today?

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6 thoughts on “President Obama and Good News

    1. This is just like it has been for some time though, Lois. Satan has always tried to counterfeit the real thing– and even had people convinced that (when He was here) He was something different that he was.

      I wonder how long people will continue to worship the man.

  1. I’m wondering the same thing myself. How long will people be enamored with the shiny new image before they start to see the flaws (and in my opinion, the flawed ideas?)

    As believers in Christ we need to pray for our president as well as for those who see him as some kind of counterfeit savior.

    1. I especially like the last part of the sentence. It’s going to be a bumpy road when he can’t deliver on his promises. It has yet to be seen what could happen. I wouldn’t like to have the weight of the expectations he set sitting on me, that’s for sure.

  2. Me neither. Oh, and thanks. I don’t get a chance to stop by very often anymore, but I’m always blessed when I do.

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