May 9, 2021

Merry Christmas, Mary

Mary over at Home-steeped Hope had a terrific Christmas Eve post, entitled I Corinthians 13 – A Christmas Version.

It took each of the verses of I Corinthians 13 and applied them to the usual Christmas activities– only showing that if we’re too wrapped up in ourselves and what we feel “needs to get done” then we are the same as people that we could pay to do that work.  Love really makes the difference.

Merry Christmas, Mary, and have a Happy New Year.

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One thought on “Merry Christmas, Mary

  1. Merry Christmas, MIn! Thank you for your great friendship, I’m so glad to have met you and your wonderful family through blogging…Most all of my favorite blogs have been discovered through your site here, but yours remains the one I check on a daily basis. You’re my “newsblog” you could say. You have a real ministry here at MInTheGap, and I thank you for letting me occasionally be a part of it!

    Thank you for this warm post, I saw the title in my live feeds on my blog’s sidebar and was immediately intrigued (wondering if you meant “me” or the “Mary of Christmas”, lol)

    Have a great Christmas/New Year’s week!

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