April 13, 2021

Should We Be Surprised?

The title of this image is “Ancient calculator was 1,000 yrs ahead of its time.” Why this is fascinating to me is that the only reason this comes as a surprise to the scientists and historians is that (as they hint to in the title) they don’t expect people to be that smart at that point in time.

As a rule of thumb, humanity has to be continually getting better– be it physically, mentally or otherwise– since that is the template that modern science works from. See, according to them, we all started out with monkey brains and got progressively smarter (to the point that we no longer need God, since we now know everything!).

So, when archaeologists or scientists find something like this, or the pyramids, or other feats of engineering they have to either say “Boy, our theory of people getting smarter may be wrong” or “There must have been one smart person there, this is dated incorrectly” or whatever other excuse they can come up with.

But with a Biblical perspective– one that has at its root a man and woman created perfect by God– it is not hard to fathom people with good minds and tools.

When we take the history and chronology of the Bible as written, we find that it makes eminent sense of the archaeological evidence. The pyramid builders were not people who had evolved from animals over millions of years. Rather, they were once part of an advanced civilization which built an imposing tower that soared over the plains of Babylon (Genesis 11), a people descended from a family that disembarked from the 15,000-ton ocean-going Ark (Genesis 6–8). We still do not know exactly how they accomplished all their engineering feats in ancient Egypt, but we can be sure that a people who were less than 30 generations from Adam had incredible intellectual skills.

For more information about these and other things that were before their time, check out the History Q&A from Answers In Genesis.

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