May 21, 2024

Just Because Something Could Happen…

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The Infinite Monkey Theorem goes something like this:

…a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.

This logic is part of what makes up the logical belief in Evolution: the idea being, that given enough time there can be enough mutations—some of which were beneficial—to explain how humans came from primitive life all the way back to the one celled organism.

There is a problem with this logic, however.  It is an appeal to probability.

Appeal To Probability

The Appeal to Probability is a logical fallacy.

It assumes that because something could happen, it is inevitable that it will happen. This is flawed logic, regardless of the likelihood of the event in question. The fallacy is often used to exploit paranoia.

Only in the case of Evolution, this is in reverse.  The Evolutionist looks at where we are today, examines the data that he sees, and then deduces that since the world is as it is today it must have happened the way that he says, and no other way is possible.

Probability and mathematics are foundational to Evolution—hence the necessity for millions, billions or trillions of years between the beginning of time1 until we get where we are today.

Evolutionists Need Time

Since there hasn’t been an observed beneficial mutation where a species actually gained DNA data, it is necessary to abstract into time past—as far back as needed—such that it would not be expected to be witnessed today.

Furthermore, the Appeal to Probability is utilized each and every time the Evolutionists say that the fact that we are here (and that probability is huge!) means that it all must have worked out.  I mean, just look at the other planets—scientists figure that there must be some other life out there, and yet the fact that we haven’t found any makes the probabilities worse.

Just Because Something Could Happen…

…doesn’t mean that it did.  It doesn’t mean that Evolution is true, simply because it could be true.

When it comes to talking about Origins, we’re talking about a historical question, not a scientific question.  The “science” that is involved—natural selection—no one disagrees with.  What is the point of contention is whether God created or man evolved from primitive beings over millions of years.

The God of the Bible is clear—He created the world the way it was, and it was very good.  Sin and death came after the fall, not before.  Noah brought every kind of animal on the Ark before a worldwide flood which change the environment of the Earth.

But that raises the question—is this a fallacy as well because it’s an Argument from Authority?

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  1. However that possibly came about, or in the case of the Evolutionist, whatever’s the current view. []

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