May 29, 2022

Homosexuality is Sin

Happy CoupleI was reading Mona Charen’s latest article today, and something struck me as interesting. She was discussing the school in Maryland and their sex ed class. The curriculum seemed to have a pretty glaring contradiction, and on this note we’ll end our series looking at the Biblical Role of the Sexes.

Early in the article, the curriculum states that “[M]ost experts in the field have concluded that sexual orientation is not a choice”. Later on, it also states regarding the transgender movement that “biology is not destiny”. For sake of argument, doesn’t that mean that just because one was “born a homosexual” does not mean that they have to be one?

Again, the homosexual movement would love to have you believe the lie that you have to be a homosexual– you do not. They would love to have you believe that marriage is all about love, when it isn’t– it’s about commitment. They would love for you to you to accept their way of life as normal, when it’s not. And as destructive as it is, they would like for me to be quiet about the subject, and I won’t.

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2 thoughts on “Homosexuality is Sin

  1. mIntheGap,

    This was a pretty good series. The first few were better than the last few, where you digress into homosexuality, as opposed to explaining the roles of the sexes further. Not such a big deal or anything…

    You are so right that marraige is about commitment, and love the way God defines it is a choice. Anyway, keep on writing truth! It is so important.


    Mrs. Meg Logan

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