June 13, 2024

Trump and the Benefit of Hindsight

Every time Trump runs for President, the rhetoric gets ramped up to try to get people afraid of what he might do– and they use his rhetoric to do it! This time, though, we have the benefit of hindsight. We know what he said he’d do last time and what he actually did. He said, “Lock her up” and he let Hillary go free.

“I take him at his word when he says that he’s going to round up people. I take him at his word when he threatens journalists. I take him at his word,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “I feel like what we saw in his first presidency was an amuse-bouche to what his intentions are. He has learned from his mistakes of appointing professionals, and he will not make that mistake next time.”

She’s right about one thing: It’s unlikely that Donald Trump will repeat a whole lot of mistakes he made last time, like hiring foxes to guard a fox house. At least, we hope he has learned that lesson because if it’s a swamp that needs draining, you need a backhoe, not a flock of mosquitoes. But as far as rounding up people? As far as rounding up her?

Total Paranoia: AOC Fears Jail Time at the Hands of Donald Trump, If He Is Reelected – RedState

AOC doesn’t have anything to fear from Donald Trump. If anything, she creates a lot of drama and is a great television foil. He wouldn’t want to elevate her any more than the media already does, and figures she’s a comedy villain.

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