April 16, 2024

EV Mandate About to Change

It’s an election year, which means that it’s about time for the candidate in charge of the government to make changes to the way he’s governed to try to get people to vote for him again. This time, it’s a change to the green agenda to help soften some of the blow the aggressive push toward electric vehicles has made to the auto industry and the unions that typically support Democrats.

Last spring, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed the toughest-ever limits on tailpipe emissions. The rules would be so strict, the only way car makers could comply would be to sell a tremendous number of zero-emissions vehicles in a relatively short time frame.

The E.P.A. designed the proposed regulations so that 67 percent of sales of new cars and light-duty trucks would be all-electric by 2032, up from 7.6 percent in 2023, a radical remaking of the American automobile market.

That remains the goal. But as they finalize the regulations, administration officials are tweaking the plan to slow the pace at which auto manufacturers would need to comply, so that electric vehicle sales would increase more gradually through 2030 but then would have to sharply rise.

Biden Quietly Scraps Key Climate Policy After Realizing How Insane It Really Is – RedState

I disagree with RedState in that I don’t believe that it has anything to do with realizing how insane it is, but that the auto industries are falling apart and they need union votes. When you factor in that the winter of 2024 has shown more people how far their electric vehicle will not go, that the battery life is worse than expected, and sales have bene less than stellar, they were forced to make changes.

Even if they say, publically, that it may already be too late for planet Earth.

It’s all politics. If they, or anyone around them win (because who believes that President Biden will actually be on the ballot this November), they will just change the regulation again to be whatever they want. Because this what administrative languages can do.

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