July 23, 2024

Who Is Our Biggest Ally?

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If you would have guessed Great Britain, you would have came up with the same answer that I did.  And yet that’s, obviously, not what our President thinks:

Barack Obama has declared that France is America’s greatest ally, undermining Britain’s Special Relationship with the U.S.

The President risked offending British troops in Afghanistan by saying that French president Nicolas Sarkozy is a ‘stronger friend’ than David Cameron.

The remarks, during a White House appearance with Mr Sarkozy, will reinforce the widely-held view in British diplomatic circles that Mr Obama has less interest in the Special Relationship than any other recent American leader. [France is our biggest ally in blow to Special Relationship with Britain]

And who can blame him, I mean, after that Revolution and everything, it’s been nice to be free from their rule.  Oh wait, that was a couple hundred years ago.

The article goes on to say that the phrase “special relationship” was coined 60 years ago by Churchill, and the bond was especially strong between Reagan and Thatcher.

During the Presidency of George W. Bush, it was Britain who made the case alongside the United States for the fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It was then Prime Minister Tony Blair that was at our side.

So why the sudden change?  Perhaps the politics of Britain are different than our President’s—the article suggests a personal grudge.

Whichever the case, I find this interesting.

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