May 27, 2024

Another Challenger Enters the Ring

Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips has thrown his hat into the ring on the Democrat side of the ticket as people are seeing President Biden’s weaknesses and are seeking to capitalize on his falling poll numbers.

While many talk and suspect that California Gov. Gavin Newsome may make a move at some point (he’s visited China, China is visiting CA, and he’s debating DeSantis), Phillips entrance and his behavior in not getting the usual Democrat backing have drawn ire from those that back the current President.

Many have likened his entrance into the race to when Carter had a primary challenger and Ronald Reagan ran back in 1980.

[I]t was not Jimmy Carter’s primary challenger that cost him the election against Ronald Reagan. It was the fact that Carter was an awful president. If CNN is worried about Biden losing, they should be looking toward the White House, not blaming Phillips, who is essentially a non-factor.

CNN Is Melting Down Over Biden-Challenger Dean Phillips

Will it be a Trump/Biden match-up? It’s always good to have other options.

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