December 2, 2023

The Problem of Trump, the Anti-Hero

Former President Donald J. Trump is a problem for a lot of people. He’s a problem for the left in that he not only feels he was robbed but has a plan for retribution. He’s a problem for the right because of the many indictments, his businessman style, and his lack of character. He’s a problem for those in the middle because he’s anything but in the middle.

The reality is that he’s not the hero that the GOP wants, he is more a weapon.

For as long as I can recall, politicians have talked a good game to do whatever they want when they get into office. Either beholden to their monetary backers, pragmatists that realize that “this is just how things get done”, or hypocrites that say one thing and do another, I have never been able to believe that anyone would truly go to the wall for that they believed until Donald Trump 2016. His self-funding ego could drive him to follow through (at best), or crash and burn (just like every other politician) at worst.

And he did better than anyone expected, regardless of what was thrown at him.

But he’s no hero. He’s a businessman– the guy who would ride the Pro-Life wave in 2016 and do more for the Pro-Life cause than any President before him. It wasn’t just the Dobbs decision. President Trump showed up to Right to Life rallies, he was present at their causes, and now, he’s telling everyone to tone it all down because, he’s decided that it’s not a good issue to run on?! There’s that pragmatism again.

Trump makes me think of Batman. We don’t want the vigilante, but occasionally we need him when everything’s broken. In 2024, he may be needed again because of the mess we’ve lived through during the last 2.5 years– or until a real hero stands up.

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