March 4, 2024

No Longer One Nation Under God

If there’s one thing that COVID-19 taught us is that different states really want to handle things differently. Some want to lock things down and went to great lengths to do this– especially as former President Trump wanted to open things up. Some wanted to stay open as much as possible.

The roll out of the opening up of the United States still shows this– with some states being open for some time now, and some still locked up. Some pushing vaccines, others not.

During this time, some states had riots, some states nothing. Bill O’Reilly crystalized this in an article talking about how we’re no longer one country:

In Wyoming, almost every household has firearms. Yet the murder rate is one of the lowest in the country.


In Chicago, gun restrictions are severe. Yet thousands are murdered.  Again, it’s the will of the people.  They elect leaders who blame homicide on society, not actual criminals.

So there is no longer one America.  Now we have fiefdoms like the Middle Ages. King Cuomo in New York has radicalized the state and street violence is surging. Yet according to the polls, most democrats would reelect him.

In western Wyoming, folks don’t even have to lock their doors because dangerous thugs are few as they are quickly punished.  Thus, the bad people migrate to places like San Francisco where they go unpunished – there is no political agenda to protect the innocent.

This is not hard to fathom.  The will of the people dictates what kind of neighborhood they will have, and whether fairness, order, or disorder prevails.

Today, there is little unity in the USA.  We are no longer “one nation under God.”

One Country No Longer

There are many reasons for this– we could cover weeks of articles reviewing how we got here– from immigration, to loss of the idea of our posterity, and the erasure of the American culture. The interesting thing for me is that this is finally getting to the acceptance stage, instead of having people fight that it’s happening.

It will take some kind of outside, uniting force to fix it, or we may soon witness the crumbling of this American Empire. It may not be a fast thing, but it’s pretty much guaranteed at this point.

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