March 4, 2024

Justice Amy Coney Barrett Replaces Ruth Bader Ginsberg

And so begins the term of Justice Amy Coney Barrett. After a whirlwind process that saw her nominated, go through committee hearings and receive a 52-48 vote last night by the U.S. Senate, Barrett was sworn in by Associate Justice Clarence Thomas at the White House, while President Trump looked on.

Barrett is the third justice that President Trump has put on the United States Supreme Court, all coming from a list that he published before he was elected to be President of the United States in 2016. Those lists came from the Federalist society and others who chose justices based on a textualist/originalist understanding of the Constitution and, therefore, should not be controversial.

The reason I say that they should not be controversial is that the left usually chooses justices that have actual views that they want to see happen. They are “wise latinas” that will be fair, or they are activists that have particular beliefs. If the right were to nominate justices that were as activist as the left’s justices, they would actively try to find ways to overturn Roe v. Wade or other cases that the right thinks were unfair. Instead, what we’ve seen from originalist judges is that they stick to the text– even when the right would prefer that they don’t.

That doesn’t stop the left from predicting that this is the beginning of the end. Chris Hayes, shown here at left, is sincere, but it shows just how crazy this election season has gotten. A common talking point at the end of the process for Justice Barrett was that the Senate could have done a COVID-19 relief bill, but instead did this confirmation process.

However, if you followed the Senate, this confirmation process was the only thing that it did because of the virus and campaigning for the election. Not only that, the House bill wasn’t going anywhere in the Senate because the House and the President didn’t agree on how much and how it would be spent.

There was nothing to do.

It doesn’t stop these people from not covering the event, or covering it as if we traded lives to have Justice Barrett on the bench– an absurd thought, that can only dwell in the minds of those that have TDS. I mean, we’re lead to believe that Joe Biden can “walk and chew gum” but President Trump can only one thing at a time? Please. Just look at the peace deals!

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