March 2, 2024

Should Macy’s Dump Donald Trump?

Santa CandleMacy’s, which has a “Donald Trump” line of men’s apparel, is being asked to drop The Donald from a Christmas commercial in which he pulls on Santa’s beard to see if it’s real.  Oh, and to cut ties with him altogether. He and other celebrities are featured in their “holiday” ad campaign.

To me, this is absurd.  I mean, I understand that and think that what he said during the recent Presidential election was wrong, but this is America and we believe in free speech.  If you don’t like his stuff, don’t buy it, but telling a company that they should cut a person out because of what they’ve said, especially if you’re not buying their stuff anyway, is as wrong as the boycott of Chick-fil-a or Target or whomever by whomever.

If you have a problem with someone’s stance, vote with your wallet.

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