May 20, 2024

Does This Sound Scary to You?

Euthanasia Protest by Global PanoramaI was reading Ann Althouse’s post Where doctors perform euthanasia even on non-terminal patients and pronounce it “very magical.” and this part scared me:

[P]eople have… been euthanized because they had autism, anorexia, borderline personality disorder, chronic-fatigue syndrome, partial paralysis, blindness coupled with deafness, and manic depression. In 2013, Wim Distelmans euthanized a forty-four-year-old transgender man, Nathan Verhelst, because Verhelst was devastated by the failure of his sex-change surgeries; he said that he felt like a monster when he looked in the mirror. “Farewell, everybody,” Verhelst said from his hospital bed, seconds before receiving a lethal injection.

Really?  Someone was euthanized for anorexia?  I think there’s a problem here, and it’s not Belgium’s Catholic, patriarchal roots.  How could someone go to a doctor with a problem knowing that the doctor could refer you to someone that would suggest that you should just die to solve it?

Image: Euthanasia Protest by Global Panorama

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