February 21, 2024

Teen Tells Man to Save His Brother

229864-jordan-riceI’m not sure I can do what this 13 year old did.  Being trapped by a flash flood in Toowoomba, Australia, he told a passing truck driver to save his 10 year old brother first.

When you add this to the fact that this young man did not know how to swim, and the result was that he and his mother were swept away, and later found dead.

And this all happened on his father’s 46th birthday.

Donna, Jordan and Blake, 10, were just minutes away from picking up eldest child Chris at his house when the car became stuck near the intersection of James and Kitchener Sts in Toowoomba.

The water was only up to the car wheels, but the engine stopped.

Ms Rice could only ring 000 because her mobile phone had run out of credit.

The family was told to stay put and they climbed on to the roof of the car as the floodwaters rose.

Mr Tyson said bystanders looked on until the semi-trailer driver wrapped some rope around himself and jumped in.

The truck driver rescued Blake, 10, first at Jordan’s direction.

The rope broke as he went back to get Jordan and Donna, forcing the pair to cling to a tree.

“Jordan was swept off,” Mr Tyson said.

“As soon as he went, Donna just let go, you know trying to clutch at him. “The poor little bugger, they just both drowned.” [Teenager swept away after saving his brother from Toowoomba Floods]

This little guy thought of others first—he thought about his brother.  It makes me pause and look at myself.  What would you do?

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