June 16, 2024

Maybe Mom Really Does Want To Stay Home

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The feminist movement of the past few decades has made a crusade of trying to make the sexes equal in every way—telling women that they could have it all.  They advocate having high power jobs, breaking the glass ceiling, and making as much money as the men around them.

But what if those women don’t want to “have it all?”

Somehow, over the decades, unhelpful, unrealistic and inaccurate myths about ­gender equality have been hung around our necks like lead weights by the feminists and politicians who have dominated the debate.

They have encouraged us to strive for a world in which women and men occupy exactly the same positions in the home and the workplace. And they would have us believe that until there are as many househusbands as housewives, and as many female CEOs as male, we will not have attained gender equality of any kind.

But this notion is false and hopelessly out of touch with the ­aspirations of the majority of women. [Of course women can have it all – they just don’t want it, says a leading female academic]

The truth is, women have been in the workplace for a long time, and though equal pay wasn’t always available, it isn’t always rational either.  When you know that a woman could be out for maternity leave, choose not to return after having a child, etc., there are more risks in hiring one—especially for highly advanced positions where retraining takes more time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m for equal pay for equal work.  I believe, however, that women should not be pushed into the business realm artificially, and told their less of a woman if they choose home.  That’s not right.

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