May 18, 2024

Is God a Republican?

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The two major political parties in the United States are made up of sub-parties, each of them with different priorities or agendas.  During the last twenty to thirty years, the Moral Majority was a big and influential part of Republican party, with its major issues being social issues:  Abortion and Homosexuality being major ones.

Fast forward to 2010, we find that the the Republican party is now mostly a party of fiscal conservatives, and the libertarian group are showing their sway.

So, where does this leave Christians?

God As Libertarian

Some would argue, as Rob Port does in his post Is God a Libertarian?, that God is actually not a Republican, but a Libertarian:

What’s interesting to me is that, according to most religious teachings (including Christian teachings), God himself appears to be a libertarian. Which isn’t to suggest that God as defined by Christians (as an example) condones all the things that are specifically verboten in the ten commandments and the Bible, but rather that he left us free to do all of those verboten things.

God, according to the Christians, wants us to live a certain way. But God does not force us to live a certain way, even though he could.

So why then should man, with the power of government, attempt to enforce a moral code that God, with all the power of God, does not?

Which is interesting to think about.  I mean, since Christ died on the cross, He has given us the message to give, and desires that all men come to repentance, but He isn’t forcing anyone.

Now, that doesn’t mean that His laws are no longer in effect, and that if you disobey His commandments, you will not get punished, but He is letting humanity make those decisions.

But Does That Mean We Should Look the Other Way?

Here’s the rub I have with Rob’s logic.  If believers sit by and let a lost soul go to Hell because we did not share the good news, I believe that the blood is on our heads.  Likewise, if we let our nation and our communities go their own way without sounding the warning, aren’t we also partly responsible.

I mean, if you knew someone was rushing headlong off a cliff, and they did not see the danger, you’d be immoral if you just let them keep running because “it’s none of my business if they’re self destructing.”

I guess the question is, should we use the state to enact something against a person’s will?  Should we have the state put up a brick wall at the end of the cliff, if they’re determined to go over it?

My thought is that a Christian’s duty is to witness and pray that God would change the heart, as only He can.  The only true changes to a nation are going to start from the inside anyway, not from without.

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