May 27, 2024

The Bleeding Edge

firefox3 Yes, I’m one of those.  If there’s a beta program available for a piece of software that I like, I’m in it.  I was in the beta program for Office 2007 (which I really like) and I’ve downloaded betas for Firefox 3 as they’ve been coming out.

And now I’m running Firefox 3.0 Release Candidate 1.  For those of you not in the software industry, this means that they’ve gotten FireFox 3 to the point that they think that it might be good enough for the general public (meaning that the number of known issues and bugs are sufficiently low that they believe they’re ready for everyone to grab it).  And you should!

Besides the fact that it is twice as fast at rendering pages as FireFox 2, it is more than 3 times as fast as that “pig” Internet Explorer.

But if that’s not reason enough, the new Address Bar is more than worth the cost of downloading it (oh, right– it’s free).  The new address bar will take any text that you enter into it and match it against your history– that much is not new.  But what is new is that it not only matches the text with the URLs that you’ve entered before, but also matches it against the titles of the pages that you’ve looked at before.

If you’re ever have gone looking for a page that you can’t quite remember the URL, but you remember what it is about, you will love this feature.

So, go ahead, take Firefox 3 RC1 for a stroll.  It’s only cutting edge now, the bleeding has stopped.

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