July 23, 2024

Ad Rotation and Groups

When you’re running a blog that covers different topics, you’re rarely going to want to show the same ad every time the page is refreshed– unless it’s something you figure that you’re really good at selling.  Why?  Because every person is different and comes to your blog looking for something different.

To the person that likes fine chocolates (and who doesn’t?!), you want the ad above.  By the way, this is one of my new affiliate programs (do you really say sponsor?), and again, feel free to click through and check them out.

Randomize Those Ads

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is to get an ad randomizer script– something that will take a list of ads and display them on a rotating basis.

I use Ad Rotator to do this, though I admit that it is very “brain-dead”.  Basically, you put a link/image per line into a text file that you store in a location on your website, and the rotator randomly chooses a line to display each and every time the page with the plugin is run.

It’s very lightweight, no complex logic, and it allows you to show different ads.  What it doesn’t do is allow you much control.

Group Them By Category

So, what I do next (here on the single post page) is to group them by category.  Basically, I have a series of tests to see if the current post is in a specific category (Family, Finance, Modesty, etc) and I have a specific text file for each set of ads I want to display.

So, if the post is in a specific category, you see ads from a specific set that are more likely to hit what you’re looking for.  I also, usually, randomize in the banner section a Google AdSense ad, especially if I don’t have a lot of affiliate programs.

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