May 27, 2024

See How Easily You Can Increase Your Comment Conversation


If you could install one plugin and it would help to increase the conversation in your comments, would you do it?

To me, the hardest thing about keeping up with comment conversation is knowing that something new has been posted. With some blogs, you are able to subscribe to an RSS feed of comments– so I could track it with Bloglines, but that requires me to find the right feed name, put in a place for it, and not everyone has a nice feed reader.

Enter the “Subscribe to Comments” plugin for WordPress. You’ve probably seen the little box following the comment box that sends you an e-mail every time there’s a new comment. Well, there’s a lot of goodness behind that little plugin.

You can specify the e-mail address and name where it comes from, whether the default is on or off, and what the management screen looks like all from the options menu. But the best feature of this thing is that I get an e-mail when someone comments– so I know that there’s new content and I should go by and check it out! And if it’s defaulted to on, I automatically (without having to do anything) remain part of the conversation that’s started. No more having to come back and search through the pages to find what I’m looking for!

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12 thoughts on “See How Easily You Can Increase Your Comment Conversation

  1. Okay, now that I have finished getting all my posts categorized, that will be the first plug-in I install. Since my readers, like yours, actually discuss the post, rather than just commenting on it, I agree it would be fun.

    But I was thinking that perhaps before I install any plug-ins I should switch to the new WordPress.

  2. In my reading at the various “how-to-blog” blogs, I’ve seen twice now that that option should be left unchecked by the webmaster…b/c many visitors dislike automatically getting the huge amounts of email that can be generated by popular posts.

    However, I like the feature for the same reasons you shared…no more wondering what I posted on that might have been followed up on, etc. And I can always delete without reading if I so choose…not to mention UNcheck the box if I have an issue!

  3. Yes, I would install that plug-in, but since I’m a computer idiot, that would probably be difficult for me! lol I do like that any new comments from MInTheGap come to my e-mail and I can check them without going to the blog. It keeps me up to date. I’ve enjoyed the conversations here and the different point of views!

  4. It may be coincidence, but I have had several new commentators on my blog since I installed that plugin yesterday!

  5. That seems like a nice plugin, Axel. I’m currently using one that people have to be registered for, which allows me to be a little more open with those that have subscribed, but maybe a generic one would be interesting as well. Thanks for the link.

  6. Other plugins I found useful to increase comments on blog are the “Show Top Commentators” plugin (d isplays the name of the commentator and number of comments on the sidebar) and the “Comment relish” that sends a thank you email to first time commentators.

  7. I initially thought you were talking about how you could send an email to the blog owner when a comment posted. I thought, well that’s silly, why do you need a plugin, when you can already do that through the WordPress dashboard. Dooh! Then I realized the plugin actually works for the comment originator. Hey! . . . that’s a great idea. Thanks. I’ll check the box from now on 😉

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