May 27, 2024

I Wasn’t Aborted

AliceThere’s a powerful lesson to be learned looking at the flipside of the abortion debate. I can say that I was blessed to not have been aborted, and though it may be a small thing, you would not be reading this blog, I would not have had an impact in my church and work, and every life I touch would not have been touched by me. I’m not a celebrity or someone famous, but I am a father in this world with children that would not be here without me.

This is something that was brought to my mind by Julia Gorin’s latest OpinionJournal article. For her, the story is much more grim. In Soviet Russia, it was not uncommon to have two children and abort the rest. She states that many women have had double digit abortions and thought nothing of it. If you had more than two, then you’d schedule an abortion.

Except for the rare instance like hers. Her mother was talked out of it by someone in the clinic who sensed a tinge of hesitation and kicked her mother out of the clinic. Both she and her husband were to have been the third abortion for their moms. These parents could not see what would lie ahead though– nearly one in three couples in Russia (by her estimation) outlive what offspring they have.

The other downside to this trend (besides the killing, of course) is the fact that parents find themselves without a close family member, and no support. Instead of having many blessings, they have few. Instead of having the impact they could have, they limit themselves. Children become a commodity they can live without and that they can manage only what everyone else has.

I see this to some degree here in America as well. Doctors ask after you’ve had your first or second “are you done” or “you do know how to prevent this from happening” or “we have to discuss what method of birth control you will be using.” I don’t think it’s nefarious, though I guess if I were a conspiracy theorist… I mean, you have the biggest impact on the world through your children and those that you lead to Christ. Your kids are your legacy, and the more you have the more impact you have through what you would consider your mundane life.

You also do not know what talents God has given to your child. It’s true that God can accomplish His work no matter who’s available, but He could have blessed the parents through the child that they chose to abort.

I wonder what it will be like in Heaven when we are shown the impact of the lives that never got to be on the Earth, breathing the air, and what they would do in this world.

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12 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Aborted

  1. My mom’s dr wanted her to abort me…she was almost 40, back when it wasn’t “smart” to have babies at that age. Thankfully, out of 5 kids, I was the only one my parents planned…so they kept me! :O)
    I heard a story once of a dr who had partially delivered an infant when he saw she had some horrible deformity…he remembers time standing still as he watched the clock, knowing he could end her life and the parents never know it. The parents were poverty stricken, and he thought he’d be doing them a favor. In the end, his dr instincts kicked back in and he delivered the baby girl. Eventually, 18 years or so later, he attended a music concert in which she was the featured performer (I think I’m getting this part right)…she had amazing talent. And he’d almost taken her life into his hands.
    I’m so thankful that here in America we’re able to have as many children as we want. In Germany, they’re starting to pay families to have children, because they’re facing population problems.
    If we decide to have baby #4, we’ll hear it from several family members (not my side, I might add!). Funny how people have a vested interest in how many children a family decides to have.

  2. I find it fascinating the number of times that doctors get it wrong. I’ve heard a few about diagnosis before birth of an abnormality that it turns out the baby doesn’t have at birth.

    I find the whole “how many are you going to have, anyway?” and “you know how to stop that from happening, don’t you?” comments to be annoying! I mean, just because I want to take over the world with my army of children since you aren’t having enough doesn’t mean you should judge me! 🙂

  3. For me, it’s the, “So when are you going to try for a boy?” Talk about annoying. Everyone automatically assumes that a man has to have sons to be happy (no offense, I know you and Virtuous Blonde have sons only) and my dh is not like that. All my pregnancies he’s just hoped for a healthy baby, if either of us thought wistfully “Maybe it’s a boy this time,” it was me, not him! We love our girls to death. I think because he’s a rancher type, people automatically assume he should have sons. He’d be a great father for sons, but God knows what He’s doing! If we have several more girls, then so be it! I think there’s something really tender/special between a daddy and his little girls.

    Wedding costs may be a bit extensive, however!

  4. That’s true– boys are usually cheaper for wedding planning than boys; however, with big wedding parties the rehearsal dinner and putting families up in hotels can certainly be pricey!

  5. MInTheGap, How many kids do you have? I didnt know you had alot.

    I want seven, or if I could convince my husband I would forgoe birth control forever… Perhaps one day he will want to take over the world with his army of children too! I shoudl mention that notion to him he might get a kick out of it!

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  6. I only have two with one on the way. My wife wanted 10 when she was young, I think she down to wanting 3– but I think we’ll finally end up with 5. It all depends on what the Lord wants!

  7. Next year one of my brothers is getting married, and I believe my parents have to foot the bill for a 75 person Rehearsal Dinner, but they’re only doing a desert reception. Guess who will pay more money in food…

  8. Mary, Currently i have two, a 3 year old boy and a 4 month old girl. they are both wonderful blessings to both my family and those we meet up with. I am so grateful my heart is filled to overflowing.

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  9. Hitler, Saddam, Stalin, and every other criminal great or small in the past were not aborted.

    Parasite: organism living on another: a plant or animal that lives on or in another, usually larger, host organism in a way that harms or is of no advantage to the host
    The baby falls under the definition of a parastie, and a noone denies a person right to get rid of a parasite in their body.

    Exodus 21:22
    ‘If men who are brawling hurt a pregnant woman and she suffers a miscarriage, but no further harm is done the person responsible will pay compensation.’

    Exodus 21:23
    ‘If further harm is done, however you will award life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, and stroke for stroke.’
    The unborn baby’s life is worth only compensation, but the womans life is worth a life. Might this be a suggestion that the unborn are not equal to the born.

    These are all the arguements I know for pro choice. You may have answered some before, but please answer them again if you may or tell me where I might see your previous answer.

  10. Statistically, Loc, there were more decent people in the past that were not aborted than the three that you list. Still not a good reason to kill someone– since at the time of their death they will have been innocent of anything and their future is unknown (unless you really believe in that stuff that was in the Minority Report (is that the movie with Tom Cruise? Didn’t see it, but read about it)).

    An interesting way to look at another human being. I mean, some could make the argument that a 21 year old that hasn’t left their parent’s home is a parasite– not paying for the rent and eating mom’s cooking. I could see this form of logic really taking off with people that want their child to leave their house. Now they have the option of “leave or be terminated.”

    And then there’s the problem of “no advantage to the host”– that’s debatable. I could make the point that someone’s got to take care of me when I’m old, and therefore they have an investment advantage, let alone the emotional aspect of giving forth the life. That’s not even taking into account the positive words said to expectant mothers, the baby showers, the little booties and outfits that women would not be allowed to buy simply because they were not pregnant.

    Let alone the fact that most parasites actually want to stay in your body– not leave after 9 months.

    If you want to see when life begins or whether it’s a baby– I’ve taken a lot of time this month to address these issues. I even discuss what the Bible has to say about when life begins– which is in the womb.

    As for your passage in Exodus, the question is what is the context. How was the woman injured in the brawl? Was it premeditated? Did the person strike the woman in the belly? Why was she in a brawl between men in the first place?

    If you look at my other post you’ll see that this is really a side issue. If it’s a human, and it’s alive, then what gives us the right to say that it should die?

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