April 16, 2024

What We Do Is Not Private

God sees all things, whether or not we think that anyone knows what we’re doing. I was reminded of this in a message I heard this past Wednesday regarding do we fear the Lord like we should. This week’s cheerleading scandal makes my point.

Panther CheerleadersThese two women decided that they were going to try to do something private in the restroom of a bar. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t stay private. Bar patrons wanted to get into the restroom, and soon the police were informed. There was serious repercussions to to their actions. The funny thing is, it wasn’t enough to just say who they were, one of them lied about their identity.

Now, they’re both kicked off the squad and have charges against them.This is not the full extent of the punishment they are receiving. Regardless how the charges pan out, they’re story is everywhere. One radio personality said: “Alcohol, sex and cheerleaders are apparently the ingredients for a hot story, because I am getting flooded with calls.” Because of the way our society looks at sexual sin, this story is everywhere– even the Drudge Report linked to it. They’re names, pictures, mug shots are everywhere. If this doesn’t embarrass at least them, imagine what it must be doing to any family they have!

Still, compare this to the humiliation we will feel standing before our Creator, the One who sent His only Son to die for us, and have us explain why we thought that those things done “in secret” were ok– this should give us reason for pause and the desire to do what is right all the time.

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4 thoughts on “What We Do Is Not Private

  1. I am not even shocked by the news. I am very happy to hear they were fired from the squad and I hope, but doubt, this will teach them a lesson.

    I don’t condone what they did, but, good grief! Couldn’t they have chosen a less public place, like home for instance, to engage in this lewd act?

    I feel sorry for their families but not for the women, no, I feel no sympathy or pity, they got what they deserve.

  2. Even a less public place would still be as wrong. In some ways, I’m glad that they were caught. Perhaps it will have them thinking twice before doing something so foolish and sinful as this again.

  3. good lord what a difference make up makes! Hard to believe they are the same women. In the day and age of the internet nothing is private anymore, heard of several stories of people using digital cameras to tape lewd acts only to discover stuff on the internet is never deleted.

    It’s not just lewd acts but myspace webpages doing something stupid when your young can now follow you the rest of your life

  4. These are two different women, not that same woman– did I confuse you somehow?

    You’re definitely right about the staying power of the Internet.

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