May 21, 2024

The Power of a Negative Testimony

We have all seen and been encouraged by a Positive Testimony in our lives.  Whether it be parents, preachers, a good friend, or even a sibling, I’m sure we all envision someone who was godly and made us want to be more like Christ.  That being said,  the influence of a negative testimony can easily damage the cause of Christ.

What makes me think along these lines are a number of things.  First off, we have the campaign season hitting up.  It seems that it’s the media’s desire to be the first to declare that negative campaigning has begun.  Whether it has or not depends on whether your guy happens to be the one doing it or being hit by it!   However, having listened to many campaigns, few people argue how effective a negative campaign is.  It is far easier for someone to remember a negative.

Also, we have within the Christian community many who stand up and proclaim Christ and hurt that Name at the same time.  Be it televangelists, who have fleeced people for money in the past, to the “evangelistically speaking” term to people who kill abortionists, the name of Christ is seemingly tarnished by those that claim to be His.

Now, saying all this, I do not mean to imply that anything we do can take away from who Christ is, what He did, and the life He lived/lives.  What I am saying is that what you say and do as a Christian can effect someone else’s ability to share Christ.  Not that it’s impossible, but one has to get over the “You’re a Christian?  Isn’t that the same as that guy over there that said……”

So, next time you think about gossiping, telling a “white” lie, or some other sin that you think is small, STOP.  Realize that it’s not small at all, because not only is all sin a affront to Christ, but it is damaging to those who are in the battle at your side trying to win souls to Christ.

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