April 19, 2021

Fired From the CIA

The axeIt is the classic tale, but not anything like you would imagine.  Here I am, sitting on my bed wondering what could have happened…  Well, best start at the beginning.

It was a usual day.  I had awakened early, as usual, and was getting for the day ahead.  The forecast was cloudy– as if the weather knew something that I didn’t.  I picked up the morning paper outside my apartment before riding the elevator to the parking garage and getting in the car.

It was a quick drive to the CIA office.  I showed the guard at the door my badge.  “Michael Weston.  You’re cleared to enter, Mr. Weston.”  I nodded and walked inside and took a place at my desk.

“Weston,” someone called from behind me.  It was a colleague in my division, “That’s some pretty interesting stuff you have on your blog.”

“What blog?”

“You know– your girlfriend’s blog.  She has written all sorts of things about you.”  It was at this point that I wish I could have said something– but it was too late.

It was at this point that I heard the clip clopping of shoes headed toward my desk, as two men in suits approached me.  They asked for me to follow, and I did not refuse.  I was taken in to the director’s office, and asked to sit down.  I complied and the men left.

“It appears,” said the director, “that you have some pretty interesting after hours activities, Michael.”

“How so, sir.”

“Well, this blog that we’ve found says that you’re actively involved in a local church.  It says here that you’ve actually been out in the area passing out literature and going door to door telling people about your religion.”

To this I was not sure what to say.  Surely these activities would not be a problem.

“Unfortunately, this means that you’ve drawn way too much attention to yourself.”

“How so?”

“Well, your pictures and name are all over this blog.  See,” he said, turning around his laptop, “here you are at a social gathering.  Here’s another on a church van.  This just won’t do.  We can’t have one of our operatives being so exposed, so I’m afraid that we can’t have that kind of activity.  So, you’re either going to have to dispose of these pictures and stop attending church functions, or I’m afraid that we’ll have to ask you to leave.”

Of course we all know what happened next.

And here I am.

Of course, this story I, MInTheGap, made up to justify why I would want to be fired– for taking a stand for Christ.  To find out why the character Michael Weston of the CIA gets fired in USA Network’s Burn Notice, you’ll have to follow the link.

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2 thoughts on “Fired From the CIA

  1. Shaking my head at the fact that the above scenerio really happens. In our “free” country. This was a good lead up to your James Madison post. 🙂

    And I still say that you’ll be writing books someday, maybe even fiction, though I still think non-fiction is where it’s at for MInTheGap!

  2. It’s nice to write in a different style from time to time. You know that I had a few stories that I wrote in high school that just are begging to get published online– of course I think my writing style is different now than then.

    Maybe I’ll have to publish them at some point in time…

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