June 23, 2021

Bianca Ryan wins NBC Competition

Bianca Ryan - E! Online PhotoSo, an 11-year-old singer is now getting a taste of stardom and the impact it can have on a life. I brought this up at the dinner table with some family friends this past weekend–because I haven’t watched the show!– and they said that she was already (even before she won) acting the part of a diva.

What an amazing gift– to have a voice that makes people want to take lessons and practice. What a talent to have at that age the ability and wherewithal to stand in front of cameras and an audience and bear your soul and sing out. But at what price? In the grand scheme of things, those that are popular now may be popular in a few years, but they may not. Stardom does not last, and though it might provide a good income for a little while, what is the price?

She has many decisions to make here. I believe there was a cash prize (which may not be the full $1,000,000 right up front). She has to decide what to do with it. Once she has the prize and all the people clamoring for her to appear, she has to decide what she’ll do. Being 11, there are options, but she’s still learning what it is to be a kid, a teen, and a woman. At this age, this child could really be messed up– given incorrect ideas what to value, and placing an undue burden on her family and those around her.

Talking with a friend last week, he said that he would want to be rich– but unknown. He wouldn’t want to have to duck paparazzi or not be able to do the normal things in life. It’s a hard life being a celebrity, as this girl will soon find out. Is she in a position to make a decision like this that will last a life time? Will her parents truly grasp what kinds of things will have to be decided quickly and that will have an effect on not only her career and future life, but thier relationship with her?

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9 thoughts on “Bianca Ryan wins NBC Competition

  1. I just hope her parents will keep her grounded, that responsibility is soley theirs.

    I agree with your friend if and when (wishing here) I get a 1,000,000 I would definitely keep it a secret. Who on earth would want to be chased and watched every where you go, not me.

  2. Usually it cannot be avoided– the fame, the “friends” the family that all want some– but I definitely know what you mean. I think that I’d take the payments to that I would get the whole thing, and I’d also invest it in something where I couldn’t get at it and maybe live off interest– so it wouldn’t be handy. It might make an interesting poll question… hmmm.

  3. Are you implying that you’re spend-happy? :O)
    I can’t imagine if she was my daughter…I haven’t heard her, but now I want to. Young voices that take off like that always astound me. Wonder why God gave her that voice? I wish her the best, and hope that the stardom doesn’t ruin her teen years, or her family life. All that glitters sure enough isn’t gold.

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